Pdt identity token for validating orders

- Itemized product list with options support - Support for Discounts, Taxes, Shipping.

Even coupons with itemized mode works correctly now - PDT Support for browser-side validation (backup protection if IPN isn't working) - Some new methods for IPN verification - Multiple status support for different paypal states with automatic update for changes via ipn.

(echeck, refund, dispute, etc) - Many additional validation steps to cut down on scammers (price match, email match, referrer, etc) - IPN and PDT work together for additional security and reliability - Supported currency check (Paypal supports 18 currencies).

If using a non-supported currency, it converts to USD.

If you check out that link for the IPN API they have a good explanation of why you might want to use it: Instant Payment Notification (IPN) notifies merchants almost instantly about transaction events, such as: Payments received, including Express Checkout, and Adaptive Payments. e Check payments and related pending, completed, or denied status events. It works perfectly fine, and I get seller protection verification on every transaction that is made..

I recently made my own website, and used Woo Commerce to make it..

It's just another way to securely confirm a Pay Pal payment, and not as robust as the IPN API. I just needed some help in terms of Seller protection..

For instance PDT wasn't meant to process credit cards or Express Checkout transactions. I have an ebay store that is doing quite well, which is associated with my Business Paypal account..

This module is used to add shopping cart functionality to Dolphin and process payments.Naturally, I used the same Paypal account (the one I use with my Ebay store) to accept payments on my own website..Now, the payment gateway works and customers are able to use Paypal easily to send in orders..Pay Pal IPN allows you to (asynchronously) process order information while not having to depend on the buyer to return to your website to complete the order.You can use IPN by setting up a script which receives this (POST) data from Pay Pal.

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