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He thanks the Protagonist for helping him remember what was truly important to him and gives him the Coffee Mug, allowing him to fuse Kohryu.

The Justice Social Link, Dojima's daughter and Yu's cousin, though she soon sees Yu as an older brother.

The silhouette belongs to Persona 3 character Kenji Tomochika.

A silhouette dummy portrait with "temporary" written on it.

It later got an expanded re-release on the Play Station Vita as Persona 4 Golden.

It was a big hit, especially in the West, enough to create some side games including two fighting games.

In the Shadow World, Yosuke meets the shadow version of himself, which against his will lets loose feelings within Yosuke that he’d rather others don’t know. Due to the nature of the story, as well as Wiki Policy, several of these characters' entries contain unmarked spoilers regarding major plot twists and reveals. For the full list of characters from the game, click here.For tropes relating to characters in The Hierophant Social Link and Yu's uncle, whom he welcomes into his household while his parents are away.Eventually he admits that he has been avoiding his daughter because she reminds him of his late wife, but vows to get over it and spend more time with her daughter.When the lead does not pan out, he decides to let it go.

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