Peterson pipe dating guide

Notice that the bottom of the bowl is flat and slightly angled from the front of the bowl to the start of the stem.This allows one to put the pipe down without it rolling away.

It funny how things turn out, because even after I gave up smoking a pipe, and a decade or two had passed, I would recount this tale, tinged with regret. Having returned to the pipe smoking hobby last December with the purchase of a gorgeous Savinelli Tortuga 305, I felt the need for another pipe. These are available in smooth and rustic finishes (both Standard System).This pipe normally sells for about £150 here, I got it for half that.Having smoked it gently once, I have not used it since.My love affair with Peterson pipes goes back to the late eighties.The local tobacconist I frequented sold a few good pipes and a lot more lower quality unbranded or basket pipes.

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