Play cat girl dating sim

Such must have been the happy accident that in the Hunie Pot studios office.

Here's what people have been saying: The Wonderpuss, despite the obvious cat-bias in their name, got into civil rights for dogs: You got Candy Crush all over my dating sim!

So before this week's column gets started, I figured I should introduce myself. I'm Caty Mc Carthy, and I’ve joined the USgamer team as the shiny, new Assistant Reviews Editor.

In the past I’ve written for Kill Screen, The AV Club, Waypoint, Polygon, and IGN, and I’m looking forward to writing (a whole lot more) here!

I also owned Horsez (why not "Horzez" that would be twice teh kewls) which was the glitchiest game and also dumb, hard and kind of boring.

I actually owned (and still own) this game as a kid.

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