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But, it’s true: The Internet has become the center of the activist’s universe.From getting the word out about a rally to circulating petitions or making others aware of an important vote or politician, people are far more likely to post something on Twitter, Facebook or a blog than go out and flier the neighborhood.Instead, she connects them with what she identifies as earlier forms of feminist “participatory media” the scrapbooks kept by suffragettes to document and respond to sexist characterizations of their work; the pamphlets that transmitted contraband information about contraception and sexual health to women in the early 1900s; the mimeographed flyers that called women’s libbers to consciousness and revolt.Later, zines brought out radical voices at a time when women’s magazines were chalk-full of “how to snag a man” and “why you’re still single” —women who were queer, kinky or just over patriarchal mainstream media.

There the director sat me down and asked all these extremely personal questions: "what was the reason behind your last break up? And I didn't know Another was, "what do you believe Chinese people expect in terms of financial responsibility between husband and wife?So what does that mean for independent, radical publications that thrived for years on their gritty, cut-and-paste image and expressive scrawls: you know, zines?In her new book, , feminist author and women and gender studies professor Alison Piepmeier tackles the historical significance of women and do-it-yourself publishing.If you run an online community, what are you doing to mark the season?The last candle of the Menorah will be lit on Saturday, and many are eagerly awaiting a visit from St. Historically, there is a sharp downturn in web traffic for non-ecommerce websites around Christmas time.

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Ding, a lefthander, relied on a crouching, tomahawk-style serve.

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