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She wore her dark brown locks down in soft curls and completed her stunning ensemble with a matching dark blue mani and a delicate ring on her left hand."I got ready at my house, I like to spend as much time as possible with my family before I leave," the ABC beauty told Ross Mathews during E!It is very difficult to disclose this kind of information to anyone, let alone a woman I am dating, because of the stigma I perceive to be attached to "sex addiction." I want to be completely honest, but fear that taking this step would alienate either woman I am seeing, especially during the "getting to know you" phase.What are your thoughts on this, especially if the dating relationship moves into sexual territory?People look at me and think I'm just this silly weird sophomore."A silly weird sophomore with a fabulous dress!The young star also admitted to being a huge Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus fan and couldn't choose between the singer's two albums when asked which one she'd bring if she was stranded on a desert island. ""I Knew You Were Trouble," "Drive, and "Do My Thing""Just a regular teen (who's clearly growing up)!

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