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Three men - two local and another from Luton - were treated by paramedics for various injuries, including head wounds and broken teeth.

Bibury resident Andrew Johnston called the incident a 'fracas in the bar' between locals and a 'drunken few' at the wedding.

A wedding guest was thrown into a river after a 'huge brawl' erupted at a four-star Cotswolds hotel.

Trouble flared between 20 guests and locals in the normally-tranquil Bibury, one of Britain's most picturesque villages.

They are images that epitomise the golden age of seaside holidays.

Saucy postcards featuring heaving bosoms, henpecked husbands, miserable wives and captions loaded with double entendres were as much part of the fun as candy floss and donkey rides.

Mask XIII is a collage created by superimposing a postcard on a black and white photograph.

The photograph is a film publicity portrait of an unidentifiable actress taken during the 1940s or 1950s.

They arrested five people - four men aged 21, 22, 27 and 55 and a 53 year-old woman - who were all in the wedding party from Luton, Bedfordshire.Those heading inland will find monumental mountains, an abundant archaeological heritage, spirited social history and some spine-tingling scenery.Those looking for a Greek beach holiday will also find plenty to choose from with luxury hotels a firm favourite.A second tree in front of the ruin extends down the image to connect with the woman’s hand which is raised to her chin emerging from a narrow section of sky at the top of the postcard.At the bottom of the postcard, which traverses the subject’s forehead, the inverted caption ‘Nîmes – Le Temple de Diane’ identifies the ruin as the temple of Diana at Nîmes in France.

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