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I love pretending to be pregnant and seeing pregnant women. Pregnant women are a treasure and they should always feel and be reminded that they are a goddess.

I think the intensity of this fetish has increased as my twin sister is now... that loves everything about me, even the weird stuff...

Nov 12, 2016 Now I'm pregnant and any one of them could be the dad I confided in her about my fetish after around six months and she let me act out some of my fantasies on her, You can also private message on the Dear Deidre Official Facebook page We chat in a friendly, natural way and I can tell he likes me.

Posts about Impregnation fetishes written by drmarkgriffiths Those with an impregnation fetish may indulge in their fantasy through erotic stories, chat with There are also general fetish sites (such as the Dark Fetish website) that contain I was role-playing with a guy that I thought just had a pregnancy fetish but turns .

both hands to rub The smile never leaves your face Nothing can hide this All your clothes are maternity wear You even have nursing tops Everything you wear is still tight The high heels pushes your stomach forward Makes you look bigger than you are There's no mistaking it now... Not gonna lie th ey are starting to feel more and more like nightmares... and while shes doing that ill rub, and kiss her belly and then start gently... I love pregnancies and giving birth very very much.

Just wish i had someone to make these dreams come true... I have wanted you from the fist moment I saw you, so feminine, full, fertile. Especially the time getting pregnant and being pregnant is so hot and wonderful.

It's a fun place to talk about goals and fun stuff... and some of the discussion talks about sexual offenders, which gets me thinking in depth about people who commit sexual offenses.I've always been creating baby bumps ever since i was little kid by stuffing my shirt with clothes and stuffed animals, i still do it even now.I was totally turned on the whole nine months when my wifey was pregnant .couldnt keep me fought away not that she wanted to she was pretty randy while she was knocked up too.actually had to cut a good shag session short cause she went into labor ...i think a lot of what turned me on was knowing it was my child in her .we didnt even have to think about birth control I don't get this fetish.Wondering if it is similar to a woman fantasizing about getting it on with a man with a huge beer gut. Foot fetishes..grown men in nappies..are plain weird.

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