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In both cases, DNA tests were needed before Albert admitted he was the father, and agreed to pay for their upbringings.A source close to the Monaco royal palace told Paris Match: "Charlene had to tolerate the presence of Ms Coste during last year's Red Cross ball when they were engaged.In an extract of her new autobiography, Just Another Hurdle, shared by Woman's Day, the mother-of-three said the liaison came about following a gala awards night for talented track athletes where she won an award.Ms Pittman said Prince Albert, who hosted the evening, approached her at 'Monte Carlo's biggest night club' and introduced himself before buying her a drink and taking her to a 'quieter area' to talk."But now they are married, she has put her foot down and had Ms Coste struck off the guest list."She does not want to give her the status of a privileged guest at an official function, and does not want Albert to consort socially with any of his previous lovers." Rumours of a marriage rift – which the couple have strongly denied – erupted after reports that Charlene had bolted for Nice airport two days before their wedding.Former Australian Olympic hurdler Jana Pittman, 34, has revealed she could have ended up as the Princess of Monaco.The Olympic star recently opened up about a number of secret dates she and Prince Albert of Monaco, 59, went on in 2000 when she was just 18 and he was 43.

'It was the middle of the night back home but I rang Mum and said "Mum I think I'm going on the date with the Prince of Monaco! " Their one date took place in NYC, with Sonja noting, "That was our only night because he went back the next morning. She didn't date the famed magician either, but she does have an interesting tale about him. He went back to California." Sonja dated Aviva Drescher's ex-husband for some time, and he even gifted her with a very lovely ring... "We're friends." (We guess that honor still belongs to only one of the Housewives.) Actually, scratch that.(CNN) -- Prince Albert of Monaco will tie the knot to former South African Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock next July, the palace announced Thursday.The pair have set July 8, 2011, as the day for a civil wedding at the palace.

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Charlene and Albert had the chance to congratulate Nadal in person as they joined the champion – and his silver trophy – on court and posed for official photos.

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