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However, she was unsure about where to go to meet someone.

But this isn't the only new gizmo on the block to help consumers.He and his wife divorced after only six years of marriage – apparently the farming life didn’t suit her.Beth and Andrew were both quite shy on their first date at the Feathers Hotel in Ledbury and apparently it did take them a number of dates to fully relax and get to know one another properly.The website has a tool that allows users to see the marketing history of homes on Rightmove - including price falls - thus enabling gutsy buyers to negotiate a deal if they know a home has been on sale for a long time.At the moment this applies only to London property, but Propcision wants to allow 'consumer empowerment' with additional information for buyers, including potential rental income for would-be buy-to-let landlords.

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Having spent years matchmaking rich, mainly divorced women (most of whom are 34 to 58) with well-off males “in and around a five year age gap”, Molloy believes that if you don’t sign up with a high-end dating agency, and aren’t blessed with a wide circle of friends, single life at the top is sure to be tough. “I’d help her.” The truth is, it isn’t as easy as you might think for any wealthy woman emerging from a long marriage to find a new significant other.

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