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He typed, "TELL THEM I AM SMART." In another interview he reiterated this statement saying the worst part of middle school was "WHEN THE TEACHERS DONT THINK I'M SMART." It is clear from these comments that Jacob clearly wanted me to convey his desire to be seen as competent to others.

He desperately wanted to change his teachers' perceptions and present a different construction of himself.

Some of these influences are unavoidable, but you can control some of the physical influences.

Remain as neutral as you can in dress, tone, and body language. Biased Questions A biased question influences respondents’ answers. Check your interview guide for biased questions, and rephrase them or remove them. Moderator Acceptance Bias Some respondents provide answers to please the moderator.

Putting words in respondents’ mouths slants their answers. By keeping questions neutral, you reduce question bias. Misunderstood Question Bias Sometimes moderators ask questions respondents misunderstand. Here are common types of biased answers seen in qualitative research. Angry people or pessimists provide angry or pessimistic answers. They carry the reference to the next question, which biases answers.

Words, context, culture, and different interpretations of words and sentences cause misunderstanding. Consistency Bias Respondents try to appear consistent in their answers. Busy executives may provide short, curt, harried answers. Overstatement Bias Sometimes respondents overstate their intentions or opinions. The sequence of topics, questions, and activities produce reference bias.

She is an expert at the Facial Action Coding System and in the conduct of research examining facial expressions and other nonverbal behaviors.

She is co-creator of many of the training tools used to teach law enforcement officers and many other individuals how to recognize micro and subtle facial expressions of emotion.

The focus group used asynchronous discussion through a listserve for approximately two and a half months, and identified several key issues that were explored in the depth interviews. However, the social sciences, humanities, health, and education are areas that are now beginning to use the Internet to facilitate qualitative research, especially focus groups that can be conducted online.

One of the primary goals of my research agenda is to bring to the forefront the perspectives of persons too often marginalized and silenced within their schools and communities.

I aim to "give voice" to their joys, their struggles, and their stories as a way to provide an alternative to the dominant discourse of disability and competence.

I conclude with implications for qualitative researchers and others interested in facilitating voice for individuals using alternative forms of expression.

During a study of inclusive education in middle school for students considered to have significant disabilities, I asked Jacob, an eighth grader who types to communicate, if there was anything he would like to tell his teachers.

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