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Place it on a desk or table top and record your secret footage.It’s a High Definition spy camera with high quality playback recordings, but unfortunately this little surprise doesn’t record audio.At the time of writing the Ebay sellers who offer this camera are all based in Hong Kong.A few example names of sellers are below (I am not endorsing any of these, but they seem to sell the #11 camera).----- Look for the following info in their listings, H.264 .

This is a High Definition spy clock camera with high quality colour recording, but unfortunately doesn’t come with audio.The LED will blink green while the device is charging and glow solidly when the battery is full.Before using the device for the first time, it is suggested that you charge the video recorder for about 5 hours.This is one of the best spy cameras we’ve found for an office environment, particularly with its High Definition HD camera and built-in DVR (Digital Video Recorder), which captures high resolution photos and videos.It is most definitely covert, looking and functioning as a real alarm clock radio, which would go unnoticed while it covertly records.

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