Reggie bush not dating black women

Although it seemed like Reggie and Kim dated forever, since the breakup Reggie has been accused of being with a lot of women.

You can't tell me there wasn't at least a half dozen Black women that could not have alerted ESSENCE's editorial staff what the reaction in many quarters would be to selecting Kim Kardashian's boyfriend.

They feel that she is the typical White girl who wants to be Black enough just to date Black men but White enough to seem exotic or different from a “regular” Black woman.

I personally think that Reggie is a handsome man but seems a bit self involved and thinks he is as pretty as Kim but I digress. I believe that many young Black women are sick of seeing Black men like Reggie Bush parading around with a Kim Kardashian type or some other women who they feel is not deserving of his affections.

I am working on a BIG BIG BIG project that requires combing through old archived issues of ESSENCE ( we're talking microfiche y'all) and to read the old issues will make you weep at the magazine's decline.

Well anywhoo, this is clearly a cry for attention from ESSENCE..

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You know the old saying that black people have to be twice as good to be as good?

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