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” How to Have a Relationship With Yourself by Ann Friedman “There’s a short, strange history of single women marrying themselves, an over-the-top act that’s been met with plenty of skepticism. You’re the only one invested in it to the degree that you deserve.” I Feel Destined to Be Single, and That’s Okay by Anna Holmes “I savored the company of friends and family and considered myself extremely intuitive and emotionally open, but I had to admit that other folks sometimes got in the way of my keeping my own great company.” 30 Famous Women on Heartbreak by Julie Ma “Even Jesus bitched about his suffering, and if we read him right, he suffered our agonies too.

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Did you ever do something inconsistent with your true self just to please, get attention or get what you wanted? Dan, a single dad rented a Porsche to impress his date, while being delinquent in child support. Jane supported and voted for a political party because most of her clients belonged to it. Maria had always been compared to her beautiful and smart sister Ashley. Henry’s father insisted that Henry was too fat and clumsy for sports. It wasn’t until later in life that he learned to ski.

Have you ever found yourself laughing because everyone else did or agreed with an opinion that you didn’t share? You were taught how to behave, what to say and what to want. It took her a long time to turn her self-defeating beliefs around.

But that doesn’t stop people from trying.” There’s Nothing Sexy About Emoji Sexting by Gabriella Paiella “The whole sexting process is pretty straightforward: You say your thing, they say their thing, maybe you exchange some photos, everyone has a nice time and hopefully an orgasm or two.” Everything You Need to Know About Ghost Sex by Jessica Roy “For as long as humans have been conscious of a spiritual realm, humans have dreamed, fantasized, and (some claim) experienced doing it with ghosts.” Warning: A Column on Butt Play by Maureen O’Connor “Even as anal play becomes a common extension of genital play, nobody seems comfortable discussing it publicly — even though we seem to love talking about every other taboo we bust just as soon as we bust it.” Can I Sleep With My BFF’s Ex? Some have prettier wrapping paper or flashier bows than others, but nevertheless gift boxes. The Oxford dictionary defines being authentic as being true to your own character. Most of the time we are like gift boxes, surprises. Inconsistency between the inside and the person we present to the world creates tremendous conflicts in our lives.At the Cut, we’ve spent years covering sex, love, and dating — answering your questions and addressing key issues along the way. What Romance Really Means After 10 Years of Marriage by Heather Havrilesky “After a decade of marriage, if things go well, you don’t need any more proof.What you have instead — and what I would argue is the most deeply romantic thing of all — is this palpable, reassuring sense that it’s okay to be a human being.” How to Stop Fighting Over Money With Your Partner by Mandy Stadtmiller “Fights about spending it, fights about saving it, and, perhaps most insidiously, fights about hiding it will doom your union if you aren’t careful.

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  1. Mark and I had chosen three readings, confirmed them with the registrar, found readers to read them and printed off our orders of ceremony and then about three nights before the wedding I came across this reading from Stardust (which was the first film Mark and I saw together- him under duress!