Robert buckley dating shantel vansanten

He decided to just go for it and thought, “I’m just going to let my inner mean girl fly. This means that fans will be treated with an extended hour of watching the adventures of Liv (Rose Mc Iver) and her friends.

And, I’ll tell you what– She soared.” Buckley also sings a Katy Perry song, though “sing” maybe be a questionable word to use based on his description. “i Zombie” Season 3 is expected to feature Liv having to deal with a new threat – Andrea Savage’s Vivian Stoll.

Buckley didn’t hold anything back when portraying teenage girl Major, “I just went wild.” He didn’t have any difficulties channeling the personality of a teenage girl and had a lot of fun with the role.

Buddy TV spoke with Robert Buckley on set in Vancouver about portraying a teenage girl, singing a Katy Perry song and working more closely with Malcolm Goodwin (Clive).

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Shantel is likely best known for her role as Quinn James on One Tree Hill.

She currently stars as Julie Swagger in Shooter on USA Network.

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