Robert pattinson and sarah gadon dating

When it’s usually break time and the cast get a few minutes to themselves, these two are always together just hanging out and sharing jokes.“The pair are filming out in Toronto and they have an obvious chemistry. But they are also very serious about their work and have been discussing their roles and rehearsing loads together, one on one….

Rob is in no hurry to get a new girlfriend, though, so officially he and Sarah are still very much just friends – but it’s definitely a case of watch this space.” So what exactly is Robert’s point?

When there's a break in filming, they'll often sit on their own and chat.

Sarah's really into the arts and literature, which Rob loves.

Every project I work on, I walk away with a lifelong friend, and that’s amazing because the industry can be so fickle.” Related: ASOS Offers Party Looks for Christmas 2014 On her rising stardom: “I know things have changed, but I don’t really feel like they have…Maybe I can throw my hat into the ring with bigger profile projects, but you do always feel like you’re struggling.

Robert Pattinson seriously hasn’t looked back ever since he ditched Kristen Stewart.

He’s been sleeping with so many girls, it’s hard to keep up with his promiscuity but we’re getting there. The former Twilight star is reportedly dating Sarah Gadon, a chick he met on the set of his new movie It’s most likely going to be a flop just like every other film R-Patz has starred in post Twilight, but hey- at least he got a new girl out of it.

The two have been filming scenes in Toronto for the last few weeks and according to sources close to the production team, they have been laughing and spending time together a lot.

He JUST got into town a few days ago and already the tabloids are trying to make it into something torrid. it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Rob had a string of not-so-serious hookups and liaisons now that he and Kristen are done. I would be more interested if he and Mia Wasikowska fooled around, just because there might be more of a scandal (because she’s currently dating Jesse Eisenberg).Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson is being romantically linked with Canadian actress Sarah Gadon, on the set of their new film, Maps To The Stars. Magazine, the 26-year-old actress, who was also seen with Pattinson in the David Cronenberg-directed film Cosmopolis, are bonding well."There's a real spark between them.And they've already been spending time together when filming ends for the day," an insider revealed."They have become very close.He supposedly dumped Kristen Stewart because she had cheated on him with ONE GUY; he initially took her back but due to the fact that he feel insecure about his relationship to her, he couldn’t deal with it anymore and though it was best to call it quits in the end.So now that he’s single, he seems to be getting it on with every single girl he meets.

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