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The Chronica Monasterii Casinensis and Amatus both record the arrival in southern Italy around the same time from Normandy of five brothers, Gilbert, Rainulf, Asclettin, Osmond and Rodolphe, who supported Melus in his rebellion.

The family of these brothers in shown in the sub-chapter dealing with the Conti di Aversa, in the province of Campania, in the document SOUTHERN ITALY (2).

The goal was to help American Hispanics understand who we are and how our ancestors have contributed to the world. It is about those of us who, until only the most recent of times, were not included in this country's history books.

December of this year, we will have completed 14 years of sharing heritage and history on the internet. It is about us as American citizens who have been marginalized socially and economically, a people who have had to wrench their rights and privileges from an unwilling populace through the force of law.

My purpose was to show, to emphasize, to teach, that all those with a Spanish surname are connected, in some way, and if we search further we would also find our historic connections to other nations and other ethnic groups. We seek recognition so that our children's potential will be allowed to flourish, that we will be given equal opportunity in the workforce and leadership of this nation, goals that statistics confirm we have not yet achieved.

In the last ten year, the internet has exploded with genealogical information. Finally, we connect to a battle in the history of our forefathers because we need appreciation for the contribution we have made to this country.

Temple marriage describes the place you go to have the marriage performed.

Our men were comforted sitting in their home state. No, it is not about that, and it is not about recent immigrants, either., or Brazilian kiss, is a full-on facial and salival assault.It is used to express attraction, make nearby exes jealous, and to find out if a complete stranger has something stuck in his teeth. Soil from each state was sent to the Philippines and mingled in with Philippine soil. Maria Angeles Olson American Latinos and the Making of the United States: A Theme Study Anna Maria Chavez, received the MALDEF Excellence in Community Service Award Maria Elena Durazo, A Wise Latina, Nominated by Merelou Bazurto-Binning By Mercy Bautista-Olvera N. It's not about honoring poor and untrained peasants who, though far out-numbered, defeated soldiers from what was then the greatest military force in the world, the French Army. A map of the United States was formed on this hill by white rocks. 11 steel cross Forget all the articles you've ever read that purport to explain why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the United States. It's not about celebrating a victory in a battle on the fifth of May in 1862, in the City of Puebla, in the country of Mexico.

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