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Listen to Heart on Thursday morning from 07.00 - 08.00 for your chance to get hold of some.Thanks to Matt Goss and Live Nation who made this lot happen. I know if the deal makes sense then Luke is open to discussing it. The reunion becomes less appealing the more of my own shows I do. That I did Bros and then went and plugged myself into a life-support machine in a rainforest for 20 years. The music industry can be a sandstorm – you’ll get battered but if you keep putting one foot in front of the other you’ll get through it. I was making a self-financed record that wasn’t governed by a label telling me what to do or what producers to use. My friend Robin Antin, who created the Pussycat Dolls, liked it and did a video for me.

Matt will wow audiences again on this side of the Atlantic when he brings his smash hit Matt Goss Live show to the UK again fresh from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. by the LA Times, Matt Goss recently exploded back onto the music scene as a solo act, headlining at Caesars Palace with a Robin Antin (Pussycat Doll’s creator) produced show Matt Goss Live alongside his worldwide album release, Gossy (which spawned the hit Evil which reached top chart success in 15 countries worldwide).In 1995 she founded the modern burlesque troupe the Pussycat Dolls.By 2005, she diversified into various media including a pop recording group with international hits, a Las Vegas nightclub venue and floorshow, various merchandise, and a reality television series. As a choreographer, Antin worked with entertainers such as Paris Hilton, and artists such as Anastacia, Pink, the Offspring and No Doubt.I’ve learned more playing this show at Caesars than I have done playing any other show in my whole life. The whole show is Rat Pack-inspired, in that I put swing on everything. I am very proud of the Bros stuff but it’s only when I do the British press where it’s ‘Bros this and Bros that.’ I really think readers are going to be bored s***less with another Bros story. We had thousands of people wherever we went; madness, helicopters, all sorts of stuff, but it was 20 years ago. I learned a very big lesson in what net and gross are. I’m planning on having a curry after the Albert Hall – you can’t get a good one in Vegas. Cab drivers say: ‘Hello Matt.’ Hell’s Kitchen changed things for me.I’ve got a responsibility to entertain the people who have paid to see me and I know how to do it. I saw a line in a magazine saying: ‘Not bad for a failed boy band star’ and I thought: ‘If you think that then why the f*** am I on your cover? People could see I wasn’t the little boy from Bros and that I was a man who was prepared to work.

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