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(Photo by Heidi Gutman/ABC via Getty Images) JAKE GYLLENHAAL, MICHAEL STRAHANGOOD MORNING AMERICA - Michael Pe� is a guest on 'Good Morning America,' Wednesday, March 23, 2017, airing on the ABC Television Network.

(Photo by Paula Lobo/ABC via Getty Images) MICHAEL STRAHAN, ROBIN ROBERTS, MICHAEL PE�, AMY ROBACH, SARA HAINESNEW YORK, NY - MARCH 20: Actors Joe Manganiello (L) and Demi Lovato, Michael Strahan tape an interview at 'Good Morning America' at the ABC Times Square Studios on March 20, 2017 in New York City.

Anne Hathaway is a motorist, and she’s got a new electrified carriage that she’s puttering around town.

Roberts, 54, beat breast cancer in 2007, and she also overcame a rare blood disorder that required a bone marrow transplant in 2012.

And now that her health and career are back on track, a friend told that Roberts is “on top of the world and can’t think of anything better than showing Amber how much she loves her by exchanging vows.” PHOTOS: 25 Celeb Couples We’d Like To See So what will their big day be like?

identified Amber as massage therapist Amber Laign, whom Roberts has been dating for ten years, apparently. But that’s not what happened, this is what happened and there's no changing that. One, imagine having a dream about Robin Roberts, specifically about meeting her at your friends’ house in Houston. The proof is in the sobriety chip seen hanging around his neck at a recent basketball game. And yet Anne Hathaway has one, because I guess she’s some kinda fancy special person or something. I’d never heard the phrase “smuggy buggy” before, had you? That will go on and on forever, because teenaged girls take pouty photos. The paper is concerned about the recent divorce of Kylie’s parents, Kris and Bruce Jenner, which I’m sure has to be taking some kind of emtional toll on the young lady, though she’s known about it way longer than we have, so she’s probably had at least some time to process it.

I say “ish” because Roberts has been out to people who know her for a long time, it’s just the rest of us randos who didn’t know. But of course the conversation always arises about visibility mattering and what gay celebrities can do for broader acceptance simply by coming out, so, sure, there is maybe an argument to be made that Roberts could have been out years ago, either vocally or tacitly supporting “the cause,” as it were. Anyway, congratulations to Robin on her health and her relationship and on being in that lady's sweet, sweet Houston dreams. [Page Six]Speaking of people doing well, Zac Efron, a dreamboat sailing troubled waters, has gone six months sober. Beyoncé, a songbird forced to live as a human because of a sorcerer’s curse, says she recorded 80 tracks for her recently sneak-dropped album, . And to write and record and produce and whatever else she did with them. We’re recording whenever you’re ready, Bey.” “Thanks Gus. ‘I like ice cream a whole lot / It tastes good on days that are hot / On a cone or in a dish / This will be my only wish / Vanilla, chocolate, rocky road / Even with pie, à la mode.’ Did you get that? But the truly amazing thing is that the car isn’t technically available in the United States! Maybe we’ll soon see all the bigtime celebrities driving smuggy buggies, cruising silently around town, running over dogs and pedestrians who don’t hear their approach. Or sitting frustrated by the side of the highway trying to decipher the user’s manual, which is written in High Trollish. Though, a bunch of the pictures are from the same night, when she deliberately dressed “gothic” and actually did smile in some of the pictures. I mean, if the wants to scour Instagram and speculate about every pouty teenaged girl’s selfie, godspeed to them, but they will never be done.

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anchor Robin Roberts officially came out as a lesbian on Facebook, thanking her longtime girlfriend Amber Laign for sticking by her through thick and thin, including Roberts' battle with cancer.

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