Ron ng and tavia yeung dating

He used to give me the feeling of a big child who never grows up. It is only 'entertainment news' for the audience to indulge after meals.

He never used to care about the outcome, but guys are never 定性, so it is not to blame. After you have finished reading it, you will forget it the next day. Ron is more mature now, and he knows how to deal with things. I personally 都錫 him because we are under the same manager for 7 or 8 years. Once that beauty has surpassed my age limit, I wouldn't mind going through with it. I watched "Dicey Business", and you guys are quite a match.

In recent years, he is better, and he is more practical/ideal. The most important thing is to know when to receive. We are like a family, and I obviously hope that he does better and better! Tavia: Raymond is a person with great self-control. You said that you once had a crush on a person who works in this industry. (Totally not true because she once said in an old interview that it was a person in the next classroom while she was in TVB's Acting Class.

He never strove for the top when he first entered this business. Also, Tavia forgot Bosco interviewed her many times before he went into acting.

Ron Ng’s good friend, Raymond Lam (林峯) has also been in the news for being involved with mainland actress, Liu Yuqi (劉羽琦). No part of this article may be copied, reproduced, rearranged, redistributed, modified by any means or in any form whatsoever without prior written permission.

Raymond’s ex-girlfriend, Mavis Pan (潘霜霜) has mellowed in her bashing of Raymond in recent months. You may use the content online and for your non-commercial, personal use only.

The youngest of a three child family, he has older twin sisters.

Tavia was photographed covering her face and appeared to be terribly embarrassed.

His starting salary at TVB was a meager estimated HK00.00 a month, one third of his former job salary, but since he found acting to be more suitable for him he decided to join TVB.

In the beginning his career at TVB was often playing supporting roles as extras, passers-by and fill ins.

Him Picks Up Tavia After Dinner The night before, Tavia was having dinner with her classmates from the TVB acting class.

At around 9 PM, Tavia made a call outside the restaurant.

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After attending one semester at Douglas College, he transferred to University of British Columbia majoring in Mechanical engineering.

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