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It's none too surprising then to learn that a musical continuation is in the early stages of development.

Little is known about the planned stage adaptation, although novelist Elizabeth Scott's lyrics.

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on Sunday as we watched some characters unite and others separate in an episode that culminates in the second big battle between the witches and the vampires.

Being the packmaster, Alcide doesn’t take too kindly to this.

So Rikki challenges Alcide, with Danielle as her second and nameless stunt double as a third.

After a couple of seasons where the show and its mythology have grown increasingly crazy and outlandish, “True Blood” returns on somewhat surer footing, with a couple of key cast additions and driving storylines to bolster the serialized drama.

She only killed one vampire and no one really cared about the loss of some strange housewife.Bill (Stephen Moyer) arrived on the scene and explained it away as a suicide.At the end of the last episode, it looked as if we may be losing Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll), as well.Of course, hasn’t exactly given fans any reason to believe that it would actually kill off a major character.So, we weren’t surprised to see that Jason (Ryan Kwanten) was able to push her back inside before her burning skin released one snap, crackle, pop.

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Recapping where we stand heading into the season would be exhausting, but suffice to say Louisiana’s new governor (the always-welcome Arliss Howard) has declared what amounts to war on the vampire population, with powerful new tools at his disposal.

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