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Even though he's an idol, and often times idols are stereotyped to not being good at acting, he's one that can beat that stereotype. I can't wait to see how far he'll go in the future. yamada ryosuke looks amazing as usual and i look forward to his acting. I love FMA and I love Yamada Ryosuke so I was really glad that they cast him for the role of Edward Elric! glad that all his efforts have been rewarded and i hope that he can grow more and be acknowledge! Someday I want to see: Ryosuke X Miki Honoka Ryosuke X Tao Tauchiya Ryosuke X Emi Takei Ryosuke X Elaiza Ikeda Ryosuke X Alice Hirose Ryosuke X Yuina Kuroshima I'm looking forward for your upcoming films in the future!!! When he was a high school student, he was shy with people, so it was hard for him to talk with girls. The acting performance of “the assassination classroom” was evaluated with the 39th Japan Academy Award, and Ryosuke won new face actor award.Seeing his character portrayals, it's obvious he can undergo various character types; the high school student, an assassin, an upcoming businessman, etc just to name a few. I hear he has two more movies coming out this year, so I can't wait to see him on screen again. i can't help but comment in namiya section too because of my excitement. He's multi-talented and dedicated so I have faith in him. i've watched almost all of his movies/tv series and i applaud his great acting. I highly admire Ryosuke Yamada in his acting skills!!!

Unfortunately, that appears to be a premise too thin for an entire volume of manga, much less a series, and this volume can't quite decide if it's a mystery, a spoof on the “bad endings” of visual novels, or sel...― Studio Ghibli posted a job recruitment notice for animators on director Hayao Miyazaki's "final" film on Friday.

Ryosuke is good at dancing and singing, so he is always located in the center in Hey! Also he appears on many dramas movies and acquires the experience of acting performance.

JUMP which is under the management of Johnny & Associates, Inc. He released his first debut solo single, “Mystery Virgin” in 2013.

hope for new movies and dramas too Why isn't Okaasan, Ore wa Daijoubu listed? I was staring hard at Nagisa's face coz he looked really familiar and BAM!

youre a talented actor I hope you will be in a lot of movies.

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The Soul Transfer Engine that was introduced in the last nove...― This year, Sakuracon brought over the folks behind Thunderbolt Fantasy, 2016's fantasy adventure series about chivalry, puppets, and swords.

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