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The reports that Russia “exploited American-made technology” to help spread fake news stories, employing assets on social media and in television to “erode faith in the U. According to the RT and Sputnik, state-funded Russian information services that mimic the style and tone of independent news organizations yet sometimes include false and misleading stories in their reports, the researchers say.

They met when he was in Russia on business, and have been in contact by email since.Tv in 2012, and continues to regularly broadcast King’s material.Russia has deployed state-of-the-art air defense system S-300V4 Antey-2500 in Syria (NATO reporting name SA-23 Gladiator), Fox News reported citing three sources in the US administration.When American media outlets questioned why Trump would be so willing speak to what they thought was a Kremlin propaganda outlet, the campaign was forced to offer an explanation — that Trump, who was “old friends” with Larry King, thought the interview was for King’s podcast.picked up two of Larry King’s projects through syndication deals with Ora.

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On other occasions, RT, Sputnik and other Russian sites used social-media accounts to amplify misleading stories already circulating online, causing news algorithms to identify them as “trending” topics that sometimes prompted coverage from mainstream American news organizations.

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