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It feels presumptive even to do that much,” he said.It’s two hours before the curtain goes up, and Saoirse Ronan is making a cup of tea in her cramped dressing room.A young Colin Farrell line dancing with troupe ' Step in Line'.Before he became a Hollywood name and international film star, an 18 year old Colin Farrell appeared as a line dancer in this feature on the latest craze to hit Ireland.Analysis: Shot almost three years ago now, Dark Castle had originally planned to release this thriller back in late 2009.However for reasons unspecified, it has been sitting on a shelf for some time and keeps getting delayed.

“It is a watershed moment for Irish film with all seem like plausible winners.The movie is set to hit cinemas in November, but the official trailer was released at Comic Con, and it’s amazing!You can check it out here: We can’t wait to see it!She offers me a cup, though thankfully not the “gross” licorice-flavored kind Ronan is drinking to revive her voice before she takes the Broadway stage as Abigail, the manipulative maid at the heart of Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible. “I bet it was a male teacher who told you she was the villain,” she jokes in reply. “She’s usually played quite vampy and sexual and all that. I just thought she’s a 17-year-old, quite precocious, very smart.As the Irish actor, whose name is pronounced “Ser-sha,” searches for her favorite green mug, we discuss how Abigail is traditionally played as a teenage seductress who beguiles the noble John Proctor. But she’s hormonal and emotional because she’s 17, and this older man gives her time and attention.

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In cases like these, the most obvious reason is usually the correct one - it stinks (eg. The company certainly has had its fair share of box-office duds lately including "Whiteout," "Ninja Assassin," "The Losers," "Orphan" and "Splice".

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