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(Spoiler alert: It didn't work.) As he was on Oscar night, Ben is often in on the joke.

Last year, he went to extremes to bring Matt onto Jimmy Kimmel Live, carrying him in under a very large trench coat.

I was having kind of a low moment, and I just said, 'My apologies to Matt Damon; we ran out of time.' My producer was right off camera and he doubled over laughing. I have no idea why I said you; it could have been anybody.'" On that fateful evening in 2006, Jimmy welcomed Matt with a drawn-out introduction that left little room for an actual interview. She threw to a clip of her half-heartedly strumming a guitar. Silverman sighed before comparing poor Kimmel to the hot dogs sold on the side of New York City streets.

"Here it goes," Silverman said, before breaking into joyous song. Two years later, the feud had gotten so bad (read: viral) that Kimmel and Damon tried couples therapy.

I was doing a particularly lame show; I think my guests were a ventriloquist and a guy in a monkey suit. Unfortunately, we are totally out of time." "I'm sorry, Matt," he added. The faux feud took a heightened turn in 2008 when Jimmy Kimmel hosted then-girlfriend Sarah Silverman on his show. They proceeded to tell Kimmel, through song, about all the places and instances in which they did the deed. The real host, taped to a chair with his tie in his mouth, looked on helplessly as Matt introduced himself as "the opposite of Jimmy Kimmel" and welcomed Silverman, no longer dating Jimmy, to the show.

We were wrapping it up, and there was a smattering of applause in the audience. But it made us laugh, so we started doing it every night. After a long, convoluted intro that included discussion of her thick, black arm hair, Silverman revealed that she had a surprise. "I was wondering if you could just describe your relationship with Jimmy for me," he said.

Starting with the January 2013 move, the Friday episode had been retitled Jimmy Kimmel Live!

For her work on television, she won two Primetime Emmy Awards.For its first ten years, the show aired at either the midnight or am timeslots before moving to pm ET beginning on January 8, 2013 to more directly compete with The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Late Show with David Letterman while bumping the ABC nightly news program Nightline to am ET.Following the subsequent retirements of Leno in February 2014, Letterman in May 2015, and Jon Stewart in August 2015, Kimmel became the fourth-longest serving current host in network late-night television under Conan O'Brien, Bill Maher, and Carson Daly.After showing a clip from her red carpet interview with Giuliana Rancic, Kimmel asked why she would reveal the contents of her purse on national TV. cameras didn't get a glimpse of, watch the funny video now!"I didn't know there was going to be a Clutch Cam..I have no shame about it. Pot is legal here and I like to have a little puff-a-roonie at the end of the night," Silverman explained. But I had a little puff at the end of the night like a lady."Kimmel decided to go through Silverman's clutch himself.

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12.) The costar Rachel Mc Adams for two years before calling it quits in February 2013.

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