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He’s an Aidan if these characteristics describe him to a tee:- sensitive- easygoing- drama-free- communicative- not caught up in ‘the scene’- effortless- a man's man- handy man around the house- affectionate- intuitive Follow these tips if you’re dating this type of guy: 1.

Be open If your guy is just like Aidan, he is lucky in love and you’re his princess.

There were 28 guys she went out with and/or slept with, not including men she maybe just kissed once or men she may have referenced dating when talking but that we never actually met during the series.

Among these 28, there were a few jerks and weirdos, several just-for-fun flings, a handful of innocent casualties who really did nothing wrong except get caught up in the chaos of Hurricane Carrie,and then, of course, the main players who logged the most screen time and experienced the full roller coaster ride.

Scroll down for a refresher on the many men Carrie Bradshaw dated, ranked from worst to best.

Keith Travers proved himself especially despicable when he lied to Carrie about his connections and being Matt Damon's agent and looking for a fancy new mansion to replace his already super fancy mansion. After four dates he told her he loved her, then took offense at her suggestions to the contrary.

When she politely declined an invitation to round two during Charlotte and Harry's wedding, he proceeded to use his best man speech as a platform to call out Carrie for rejecting him. The worst in a trio of "freaks" Carrie went through in the beginning of Season 2, she dubbed this guy "The Man with Two Faces." He was sweet and funny with her, but then suddenly snapped at the people standing behind them for no good reason. He was an independent film producer who had just received acclaim for his documentary on seagulls. When Carrie was studying women who date like men in the first episode, she turned to Kurt Harrington.Tell him what you need from him–whether it be having him be more affectionate when you’re feeling down, or needing him to have better boundaries with what he shares about your relationship.The more open you are, the more at ease you’ll both feel, as he’ll be able to meet your needs in a way that works best. Embrace his quirks Lucky you, you found a guy who isn’t judgmental.The "Derek" character is supposedly based on one-time Calvin Klein underwear model Michael Bergin, with whom Candice Bushnell was once briefly involved.Bergin has stated he auditioned for the job of his alter-ego, but was told he was too old for the part.

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But if you're lucky enough to have a fellow this warm, loyal and lovely, there are a few things to know about his type, so you have a long and fulfilling relationships.

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