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Check out our picks below and read about some beers to add to your bucket list, or just scroll down to your state and head straight to the comments section to heckle us about our brewery choice. well, considering that until recently there were laws against brewing above 6%, direct sales, and 22oz bottles, it was.

It's a different era now -- the era of Back Forty, which has held the crown as 'Bama's best brewery since opening in 2009 with its instant-classic Naked Pig pale ale.

It’s fanned by the same type fanatics that applied torch to tinder since time began.

They defecate in our swamps and bogs And call water bugs delicious. A chuckle is mightier than a scream of rage, and it's good to have friends who know how to chuckle." * (I’ve posted this in column or blog form a couple of times previously, but perhaps it should run every few years in an effort to bring reason to the debate) (Should one wonder over my dates, be advised that I wrote this as a newspaper column nearly two decades ago.And while there's a stable of reliable IPAs and browns, BF doesn't treat its fans with kid gloves, as evidenced by challenging brews such as the Mandarin Chief black IPA loaded with oranges. It can be hard to maintain the title of "best brewery" in a state that is arguably becoming the country's best-kept beer secret.In Alabama, none of that even matters, though, if it's not tailgate-ready. Might we recommend the Fence Post session for the long haul? Even so, as an established beer operation at the ripe age of 22, Midnight Sun keeps churning out fan favorites like the Berserker imperial stout and Pleasure Town IPA and racking up medals of the national variety, while the Alaska's Most Wanted series lives up to its name considering the lust offerings like the Brewtality espresso black beer inspire.If you're on a budget though, why not get the look with our top alternatives from the likes of, Nasty Gal, Missguided and more, with prices starting at just £, life is probably even better, especially if it's from the best craft brewery in your state. Obviously, making fantastic beer is a must -- although that's happening in so many places these days that it's becoming an extremely delicious problem. To a degree; if two breweries we like are pretty close in quality and one of them is providing beer to more people, that could tip the scale in its favor, but we might also go with the smaller place that's inspiring fans to drive hours for its beers. (address and info) Slowly but surely, Alabama has been pushing back against its reputation as a craft beer wasteland, which…

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