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Related: How kicks off with a rejected Sandals commercial, starring Julianne Hough and Aaron Tveit as Two People Who Do Not Understand How to Dress for the Beach. Sandy says that she’s just had the “best summer of her life” with Danny, which is extremely hard to believe considering nobody can get within four feet of his hair without passing out from the fumes. There’s Vanessa Hudgens, taking a selfie with the rest of her Pink Ladies.

Tveit, as Danny, is particularly misinformed about beachwear, sporting a button down and hair so squat and stiff it could stand in for Ted Cruz during his next campaign commercial. It will haunt me for the rest of this recap and the rest of my life. Hough and Tveit have the sexual chemistry of a divorced couple putting on a good face for the judge at their son’s fourth D. “And now I have to go back to Salt Lake,” Sandy pouts. There are some anonymous schoolgirls that I don’t think we ever see again?

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Seagrasses provide shelter and food to an incredibly diverse community of animals, from tiny invertebrates to large fish, crabs, turtles, marine mammals and birds.

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had everything: incredible production value, actually talented and charismatic humans (for the most part), impressively complex choreography, endless matching sweater sets, the exact amount of cheesiness and intrinsic misogyny that lends itself to relentless but good-natured mocking in recaps, thinly veiled attempts at grandfathering in some gender parity, and what was clearly some hardcore prep work on the part of the cast and crew. We’ve got three hours of high-energy, high-camp theatrics ahead of us. Tveit, on the other hand, a consummate Broadway dude, has somehow managed to drain all sex appeal out of the character of Danny and turn him into a surreal, cartoonish mash-up of Jimmy Neutron, Ace Ventura, and that annoying kid who got all the leads in your high-school plays because he was the only one who had actually gone through puberty. Jessie walks backstage and schmoozes with the cast as they get ready.

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