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I had no friends, had depression, low self esteem, and was one of those mature looking, but inside very impressionable kids. I've told my parents about this and they've uninstalled it from my computer, but I know how to work a computer and how to hide the application from my parents. I'd like to open a window of truth on this progressive technological platform. I currently parent my nephew who is disabled and has very little access to the real world due to severe agoraphobia and cervical contortion. Second Life really is what it sounds like, it's not a game, it's not a website.

The newspapers have forgotten about it, the Reuters correspondent has long since cleared his virtual desk, and you can walk confidently around tech trade shows without a ponytailed “Web 2.0 Consultant” offering to put your company on the Second Life map for the price of a company car. Have the hundreds of thousands of registered players logged off and found a real life? And what’s become of the extroverts, entrepreneurs and evangelists I encountered on my first visit? Now, there’s enough room to swing the contents of Noah’s ark, let alone a cat.Three years ago, I underwent one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life – and I barely even left the office.I spent a week virtually living and breathing inside Second Life: the massively multiplayer online world that contains everything from lottery games to libraries, penthouses to pubs, skyscrapers to surrogacy clinics. Back then, the world and his dog were falling over themselves to “bea part of it”.Bill Waytena and Eric Stone founded the site in 2008 and they have always focused on voice in the social setting.“The Telesocial API allows developers to add innovative voice functionalities to their games and applications,” wrote Eric Stone in a release.

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