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She also said it wasn't her choice — but the Friend of the Court — that caused her to sue Moerman for paternity and child support."Mr.Moerman seems to be blowing this out of proportion," she said."Those last few weeks he requested to see me a lot, because he knew I was going on medical leave."►Also on Man tells police he killed woman by choking her during sex The state police charged Clingerman with second-degree criminal sexual conduct, but she instead pleaded guilty to a felony charge of misconduct in office, which kept her off the sex offender registry, records show."That in the year 2013, we are tattooing, branding children and people are using them as consumable merchandise," a disgusted Judd said. The Polk Sheriff's Office worked with the Florida Attorney General's Office of Statewide Prosecution, which has been working on several human trafficking cases."Then they simply throw them away." Judd said a second suspect, 48-year old Michael Kempfer of Orange County, was an alleged driver for the prostitutes. The sheriff also pointed out that Postell had a long criminal history at such a young age, but managed to avoid any serious time behind bars. "The state of Florida has a zero tolerance policy," said Diane Checchio, a state prosecutor who said she will take Postell and Kempfer to trial in Orange County Circuit Court on human trafficking charges.According to the criminal complaint, police found three women in the home, all of whom were taken to a hospital for medical treatment.The two juveniles were not in the home when police arrived.Alicia Kozakiewicz was abducted by an online predator in 2002. When her parents called her down for dessert, she was nowhere to be found.At the time, her mom assumed what she was doing online was harmless, though Alicia was engaging in conversations of a sexual nature with someone who she thought was a fellow teen. Alicia had been abducted by the man she was talking to online. Three days later the FBI found Alicia in his townhouse.

Judd said his last prostitution bust in May that led to 92 arrests, also led to the breakup of a human trafficking ring that was transporting young girls around Florida as sex slaves.She said she sometimes felt unsafe while leading group therapy sessions with male inmates and Moerman had taken on a role as her "protector."Moerman fathered a child with Clingerman while in state custody.Allegations in the recent lawsuit that she used Moerman as a sex slave, that she targeted him because she wanted a child and that she was taking fertility treatment at the time of the sexual contact are false, Clingerman said in a phone interview.Susan Clingerman, 44, told the Free Press she and Moerman have "shared responsibility" for carrying on a sexual relationship in 2014 when she worked for the Michigan Department of Corrections and he was an inmate, though she recognizes that in the eyes of the law it was impossible for Moerman to consent to sex with a prison employee."If we were two people working in the workforce and we had this type of relationship, you wouldn't think twice," she said.► Related: Ex-inmate claims he was 'sex slave' to prison counselor Clingerman said she suffered from seizures that resulted in her feeling confused and that medical condition contributed to her getting involved in an unlawful relationship with an inmate.The day a corrections officer caught her and Moerman engaged in a sex act was to be her last day of work before going on medical leave, she said.

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One of the young girls had been beaten in the face, a source told the Free Press.

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