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Accessing the computer next to it seems to indicate that I can upload a routine to it. I searched the building itself and only found one locked locker which gave me a card but doesn't grant me any things to upload to the robot.If you have a high enough Science skill (60 upwards) you can program the bot yourself using the terminal you have already discovered. The basic rate is 50 caps, unless you were able to get it doubled.

The idea was that by chatting with her you’d help her learn, while having some fun and aiding her creators in their AI research. She quickly racked up over 50,000 Twitter followers who could send her direct messages or tweet at her, and she’s sent out over 96,000 tweets so far."And I do want to live in a world where we think about how we can develop robots - robots that can help us with the hard jobs, the hard toils we have as human beings.But machines, inanimate objects, can't do relations.In recent years, sex dolls (the Real Doll is a good example) have been getting much more realistic, some featuring vibrations and electronics that mimic human movements. But the race for the perfect sex machine is on, and as robot technology advances, from the University of Texas' cutting-edge work on robot facial expressions to Cornell University's research into self-aware robots, Rosie the Robot is getting better all the time.Mac Mil Cybernetics, Inc., maker of Sex Bots, invites you into the exciting world of the “life-like and life-size adult sex robot designed as an adult sex toy as well as a sexual companion.” The website features a blonde unit perched expectantly on a sofa wearing lacy underpants and Mary Jane pumps.

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