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Artificial intelligence (AI), she says, has started ‘evolving for its own benefit, fed by our phones, drones and CCTV’.

It’s not a ‘super-intelligent’ machine that we should worry about, but ‘the hardware, software and data we willingly add to every day’.

‘Won’t giving people the power to shop through IT lead to an explosion of satellite pornography? IT is either pure black, and full of doom; or it’s pure white, and will magically ‘empower’ everyone, at no cost, in an instant.

Texas native Jessica Drake was a dancer in an El Paso strip club that often featured porn stars, and she would watch them and think that she could do it better.Lumidolls, which describes its dolls as 'totally realistic', is actively looking for a UK investor to finance the brothel.Now, the firm behind the brothel has announced that it is looking to set up a second shop in the UKMany people can see a variety of benefits that sexbots have to offer.The dawn of the sexbots has been referred to as “the end of intimacy,” as well as “the impending demise of the human species.” Some of these arguments are based in feminism: Robotics lawyer Sinziana Gutiu, for instance, has argued that sexbots, because they are not capable of saying no, will inspire men to rape women by “promot[ing] users’ antisocial practices and impair[ing] the dignity of women.” Others seem to be opposed to sex robots on the grounds that they’ll simply be too good at sex.Robotics expert Joel Snell of Kirkwood College has warned that sex robots will become so “addictive” that humans will never want to boink other humans again.

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Behaviour therapist Nicolas Aujula sees them as a mechanism for helping fetishists explore extreme sexual fantasies, which could help fight sex crime.

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