Signs of abusive dating relationships

You can be in an abusive relationship without ever being hit.

Abusive partners are self-centred, immature, manipulative, can't appreciate the views or needs of others, shift blame onto others, don't take responsibility for the bad things they do or say, are possessive and treat people like their property, and put others down to feel good about themselves.

Don't stand for this form of relationship abuse.

You're allowed to talk to anyone of any gender you want.

In some cases, an abuser may have only a couple of behavioural traits that can be recognized, but they are very exaggerated (e.g. Often the domestic abuser will initially try to explain his/her behaviour as signs of his/her love and concern, and the victim may be flattered at first; as time goes on, the behaviours become more severe and serve to dominate, control and manipulate the victim.

That's why it's so important that you learn the signs of abusive relationships as soon as you start dating.Maybe your friend is afraid to tell a parent because that will bring pressure to end the relationship.People who are abused often feel like it's their fault — that they "asked for it" or that they don't deserve any better. Help your friend understand that it is not his or her fault. The person who is being abusive has a serious problem and needs professional help.If your sweetie is suspicious of something, he should have a mature conversation with you about it, but he's not allowed to control your behavior.Healthy relationships involve respect, trust, and consideration for the other person. Instead, they involve mistreatment, disrespect, intense jealousy, controlling behavior, or physical violence. Physical abuse means any form of violence, such as hitting, punching, pulling hair, and kicking.

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