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'Paths of Glory (S27E8 / VABF01) | Writer = Michael Ferris | Director = Steven Dean Moore | Showrunner = Al Jean 5. Cohen | Director = Timothy Bailey | Showrunner = Matt Selman 6.

The Marge-ian Chronicles (S27E16 / VABF09) | Writer = Brian Kelley | Director = Chris Clements | Showrunner = Matt Selman 7. Stewart Burns | Director = Michael Polcino | Showrunner = Al Jean 8.

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Harry Shearer has returned after his latest salary holdout. As with last season's thread, this will be the place to discuss new episodes away from the classic era loving confines of the Simpsons Community thread where such talk would be considered blasphemous.

The common mockery of the show – that each episode is just “Ash and co.Weasel's (parody of Nolan "Atari" Bushnell's Chuck E.Cheese) Chez Guevara Der Krazy Kraut Facestuffer's The Gilded Truffle The French Confection Fatso's Hash House ("She of Little Faith," 12/16/01) The Flapjack Stack Greaser's Café The Hungry Hun The Happy Sumo Paté La Belle Pizza on a Stick The Rusty Barnacle P.Gal of Constant Sorrow (S27E14 / VABF06) | Writer = Carolyn Omine | Director = Matthew Nastuk | Showrunner = Al Jean 12., which also includes instructions on how to send us e-mail for corrections to menus or general show info.

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You can’t really feel nostalgic about something which you haven’t actually left behind.

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