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Thankfully I am surrounded by some ridiculously talented folks at Lone Shark and Penny Arcade.Kiko has been working on finalizing the layout for our cards and they are looking really cool.those who can't stop thinking about strangeness and change.

Enter Laban into Jacob’s story in Genesis 29, the man whose beautiful daughter Rachel had caught Jacob’s unmarried eye, enough that he’d accepted Laban’s terms: seven years’ labor for the hand of one lovely girl. More importantly, his stronghold had been revealed.

FOR NEW READERS: Fans is a long-running and far-ranging series, with a large cast and a wide variety of stories, sometimes funny, sometimes serious. When the Superman arrives, does it mean as much as it did to be human? Shanna faces her greatest fear, Jones faces his greatest desire, Will faces his greatest doubt, and the world faces its greatest danger yet. The geekiest person in the room isn't always the most socially inept. Tim attempts to plan his life after college, but he may need to learn a few things first, like how to plan anything.

Its central idea is that because our world is filled with strangeness and change, its best defenders are science-fiction fans... A hypnotic threat to fandom itself throws an unremarkable Science-Fiction Club into presidential politics, riot control and black-ops entanglements. Two deep undercover agents engage the Fans in a vampire hunt, and a more complex match of "live-action role-playing" than anything they're used to. Love is the thing that drives us to make some other being into part of ourselves.

And how can the Fans explain things to their fallen friends' families?

Wells, a timelost elf, steam-powered robots and pheremone-amped sex drives make this the Fans' strangest battle yet. At the site of fandom's beginnings, the Fans face their most crushing defeat. The group finally scores a solid victory over the General, but at the cost of two betrayals and missed opportunities. Romantic hopes and hope for intelligent science fiction on television burn like old newspaper. The Fans and the General's struggle to cure Alisin costs the life of another Club member. The final battle with the General, featuring more deaths and several characters' greatest moments. Rikk is back from the war, but will he ever be all the way back?

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We don’t want to see the full extent of where our sin has taken us.

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