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that when I first began my clinical research, I wondered how the victims of covert-aggressors could be so blind to their manipulator’s true character without having a lot of issues of their own.

Only after I got much deeper into the study of covert aggressors did it become clear to me not only how adept they can often be at using various tactics but also how powerful the tactics themselves inherently are.

He was elected to Board of Education for Social Circle City Schools in Social Circle, Georgia in 2015 and served a 1-Year term. Grey has spoken to various audiences such as insurance companies, telecommunication firms, and nursing homes, just to name a few. Grey loves what he does and wants to empower as many people as possible.

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Some folks are charming in the most benign and appealing way.

But hopefully this article will serve as a good introduction to the topic and a fair springboard for discussion. So, when someone shows us attention or behaves toward us in a way that invites us to feel somewhat special, we’re likely to be drawn to them to a degree.

And we almost never assume the person is mounting a calculated “charm offensive” merely to get something they want or that perhaps they even have intent to take advantage of us in some way.

A native of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, Dr.

Grey graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology from the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, in 1991. Grey earned a Master's of Divinity degree and graduated Cum Laude from the Samuel De Witt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University, Richmond, Virginia, in 2002.

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