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Where is the protection afforded by the gated community and the security technology in place?

For Geneva, battling alcoholism and bad choices, writing this story is the last chance to redeem herself. Working at her hometown newspaper is the end of the line-there will be nowhere else to go. Her story on Sheffield’s unlikely killing field is the Post’s lead, soon picked up by metro papers, and she keeps it, exposing the turbulence beneath the rich and entitleds’ secrets, their ability to buy off embarrassments. The three-story turret of the 1898 Queen Anne home stood like a guard tower looming over a two-acre carpet of manicured landscaping perched on the shoreline of Long Island Sound.

Stare even longer and soon, all you can see is red. You focus on how everything stretches out before you towards the distant horizon of high rises. The vehicles twist and weave and turn in and out of each other like arteries tangled in veins and knotted in tiny capillaries.

Every other color gets washed away, leaving the world just a filthy, fuzzy scarlet. Sitting inside the bus, legs cramping up even as they twitch against the clutch and brake, you’ve learned to know this road in ways you’ve never known your wife or the children at home you never see. You think of the children at home, the boy and the girl, the third on the way.

Well then, in summertime we shall certainly return.

Hands-on adventures in foraging deepen a child’s understanding of where their food comes from and the importance of preserving these natural resources for generations to come. Here are three dock-to-table trips to take this summer (and beyond).

She’s also tracking community connections, watching a hit-and-run case disappear through a large donation, interviewing dangerous suspects, visiting a swingers club, joining cops for a burglary bust, and taking a guided tour to spot history’s underwater ghost. Wicker chairs and glass tables rested on a massive wraparound porch, waiting for crystal glasses of Pinot Grigio and plates of warm Brie.

To privileged couples inside a historic 1898 Queen Anne mansion on the shoreline of Long Island Sound?Try hard enough, you’ll see their faces in the tail lights. The blood pounds in your head, and you feel it clog against every bit of fat you’ve ever eaten in your life.Your head feels cramped like a thousand cars fighting for space in a lane they don’t belong in.“That seal won’t go for the chicken, but crabs sure will,” Joe Zimmerman explains.Zimmerman, from Kelly’s Brighton Marina, is our crabbing guide for the morning.

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