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I don't understand why Microsoft took so long to do this.

To whom do aggrieved female students lodge complaints when many of those in positions of authority are committing the same or similar offence?

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If you're looking for the hottest sex cam websites, then look no further than for the complete lowdown on the web's most popular adult cam sites.If they had been faster after Google Hangouts, it never would have gained a beachhead.Xbox One could easily find a secondary market as a conference room device; a Microsoft version of Airplay and Chromecast (ideally open to Mac and general web as well) would take more engineering, but would have been awesome too.Skype isn't in any way material to Microsoft's revenues, but is an important mindshare property (and could tie in to other Microsoft tools; integration on WP and Windows desktops, etc.)The vast majority of those people had a facebook account anyway.Using Skype to push Microsoft accounts gets people to create MS accounts that they didn't have.

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