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HCF's scholarship program consists of over 190 different scholarship funds established by generous individuals, businesses, organizations, and private foundations.All of them are dedicated to making sure that educational opportunities are available to Hawaii students who need and deserve them.Trevor, a young, self-identified "freaky queer video/net artist," found this request laughable and troublingly out-of-touch.

He was introduced to the maze upon parole: He wasn't supposed to use a computer or the internet, but his parole officer didn't initially inform him of these constraints.

You can also download the Integrated Codebook of the WVS surveys or browse the codebook variables online.

If you are not skilled in statistical programs you may wish to download the results PDFs for the individual waves, that include crossings by country, and even the individual country results PDFs that include crossings by sex and age and country specific translation of each question.

With the changing economic landscape, HCF has seen an increase in the number of those in Hawaii seeking scholarships, including nontraditional students who are juggling families and jobs as they pursue their educational goals.

We are witnessing a shift in the profile of today's college students as 75% of them are balancing school with work and parenting responsibilities.

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Applicants must be nominated by their university to compete for these positions. Applicants should have completed a significant amount of course work related to their discipline of interest.

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