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So now that black women have learned they “don’t need a man” to survive, black men are angry. This landmark study, with more than 8000 responses, gets to the heart of the matter of sexual abuse amongst African Americans.

A person who calls himself a man, yet goes from site to site focused on ONE WOMAN HE DOESN’T KNOW is nothing but an internet stalker.

They even side with abusive men and white cops against you.

It welcomes you to join a very unique group of men and women who, in many instances, have secretly maintained an ongoing interest in anything that defies a conventional explanation (and I really mean anything). Actually, it has been an idea that’s resulted from numerous “meet and greet” sessions where I have had many opportunities to talk to those who attend my shows.

To older readers, the scenario above may have at least a vague, distant familiarity.

The two of them were introduced to one another by a mutual friend at a social function some weeks prior. As she steps outside, he offers an umbrella to shield her from rain showers, walks with her to the passenger side of the car, and opens the door for her. The pair takes a scenic route to a special destination: a reserved table at an elegant restaurant.

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Makes no difference whether it’s visitations by aliens, haunted houses, extra sensory perception, astrology, mind control, curses, spirit healing, vampires, zombies, prophecy, contacting the dead, mind reading and anything in between. Can I really be suggesting a social dating society directed specifically to people interested in all of the forementioned areas? Furthermore, these folks would like nothing more than to meet other people with whom they can discuss their thoughts, beliefs, and experiences without compromise…without fear of embarrassment. Keep in mind, this may also be the ultimate answer to possibly finding a potential soul mate. The truth is there are too many people in this world who have little or no respect for anyone who visualizes anything beyond what can be seen, touched, or heard. I want my Supernatural Dating Society™ to empower people such as yourself to be able to emerge from the shadows and finally meet other individuals who share their feelings. COME MEET INTERESTING INQUIRING PEOPLE LIKE YOURSELF WHO WANT TO CONNECT WITH YOU!

They want to speak openly to a special someone who will listen, understand their feelings, and react appropriately. You not only will have access to people who share your ideas and visions, but to make as many new connections as you wish.

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