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In fact, that is what makes the city a favorite LGBT destination.

While they offer amenities specific to the gay community like annual pride events, a large number of LGBT owned businesses, and youth support and outreach, its biggest draw is the simple ability to make all feel welcome as a member of the community. It is in a very beautiful and upscale portion of the greater St.

The problem was they couldn't, in most parts of Missouri.

In 2004, voters in the state approved a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Louis and Jackson counties have been issuing marriage licenses to gay couples, but recorders elsewhere in the state have not.

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The couple, who had recently decided to marry, decided there was no point in waiting once they learned they could apply for a marriage license here in Greene County."She was reading on Facebook yesterday about the ruling and she said, 'We are going. It has been a whirlwind romance for the pair of thirty-somethings. Within hours of logging on, however, they had found each other, and there was an instant rapport."The moment I saw her, I knew she was who I wanted to be with," Brayfield said.

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