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Starting a business is inherently risky, and many start-up companies fail.Venture capital firms, highly skilled in selecting investments and building companies, expect that out of ten companies in which they invest, at least two will fail and several others will have mediocre financial results.You can shape your new business to fit your available capital, such as by operating from home or part-time, as opposed to meeting the financial requirements of buying a franchise or a going business.Perhaps you want to be your own boss, but don’t relish all the groundwork involved in getting a new business off the ground., estimates that 40 percent of new businesses fail in the first year and 80 percent fail within five years.If you have little experience with business or with the industry that you are planning on entering, buying an existing business is the safer route, as starting your own requires expertise in the areas of financing, infrastructure, and cash flow.If your business is truly groundbreaking, you probably can’t find an existing business or franchise opportunity exactly like the one you envision.If you don’t like following rules, you’ll chafe at the restrictions of franchising even if you do find an opportunity similar to your idea.

Start-ups almost always encounter stumbling blocks that slow down the company’s progress and even put its future in jeopardy, creating a great deal of stress for the management team.And if you enjoy building things from the ground up, you probably won’t want to deal with someone else’s existing business.Starting from scratch is also a good option if you’re on a limited budget.Even if you are buying a business, it will take time to learn how it operates and where its weaknesses lie in order to craft a proper growth strategy.One advantage that purchasing an existing business provides for the inexperienced owner is the relationships with the former owner, employees, and vendors.

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If you're getting serious about joining the entrepreneurial ranks, you're probably considering launching your own venture or maybe buying a franchise or business opportunity.

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