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The purpose - to reach level Castle You are the man in hat.

Set limits, boundaries, and teach people how they can and can’t treat you.

My guess, is that you shared the heck out of our last post about how Men Need to Step Up Their Dating Game. But the thing about it is, dating is a two-way street.

I think in the Christian culture, oftentimes as women we’re told that we don’t have much of a role in the world of dating and relationships, outside of “waiting”.

I used to find the idea of talking to girls to be terrifying. I became good, so good in fact that I began helping my closest friends.

I used to see attractive women everywhere I went but I could never muster the courage to actually start a conversation with them, and for those rare moments when I did find a bit of courage, I failed spectacularly. So I conquered my fears, began approaching women one by one, studying the dating industry, and honing my skills I failed a lot initially, but then something incredible happened.. After watching them achieve amazing results, I started my career as a personal dating coach.

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