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As we bid farewell to the Treehouse crew for the day, the camera faded and remained black for a few moments.What came next was a sight that made me very proud to be a Nintendo fan.Welcome to the official tumblr of Erin Sanders!

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The Nokia Theater comes into view, the seats lined with excited fans. It’s the big one.” So went the familiar chant for the first few minutes as the camera panned around the room, the excited looks of fans, some in costume, most waving around little character notebooks given out for the event. This was how I wanted the Smash Invitational to be.

While I wasn’t there in person the hype in that room was strong enough to be felt round the world, through each and every screen tuned into the event. Geoff Keighley took the stage, sans Doritos and any kind of look of general interest. Before starting the event proper, Keighley laid out the rules for the event. Each match would be a 4 player fracas with 5 minutes on the clock and 4 stock per player.

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