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The term was popularized by Leslie Feinberg in Stone Butch Blues, a 1993 novel describing the tribulations of being a stone butch woman.

At the end of the novel the protagonist ultimately settles the battle between her gender identity and sexual orientation by claiming the autonomy to identify however she wishes.

Or the 80’s when I was just coming out and defying the world with my gayness.

There are so many words now to describe or to define who one is in the world. But what it means to me and what it means to other people can really be confusingly different. A woman who is more comfortable walking the masculine side of the binary, but who is not a man and does not necessarily want to be a man.

But then we all know the meaning when it’s used to describe someone’s sexual preference for the same sex…i.e.

A Stone butch woman is also receptive to receiving sexual pleasure from her female partner in different ways as well.

People whether they are gay or straight are always debating where we should fall on the gender spectrum whether it is their business or not.

Butch masculinity is the subject of ridicule and debate among both gay and straight people.

The truth is that the old school butch is very often a stone butch or some variation of this.

You see, butches in their purest forms, are very masculine. It is a source of contention among LGBT and straight people alike.

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