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Many popular applications these days have a built in function to update themselves automatically by downloading and installing new versions without asking or requiring user interaction.While auto updating is likely to be perfectly fine and a good idea for most users, it does become a problem if you are trying to troubleshoot instability with Windows or the specific application.I'm not sure if you're referring to Adobe X Reader or Adobe X Acrobat, but I was tasked w/ pushing a script to disable Adobe X Reader updates.As you’ll soon be able to tell, I am annoyed with Adobe Update Manager, and thankfully I found a way to disable it completely.Some software that auto updates makes it very easy to temporarily turn the option off but other software makes it very difficult.Some doesn’t even have the option available and you have to use another method.

One of my biggest peeves of this app gluttony is the independently launched Adobe Update Manager, it rears its annoying head often on System boot and there is no obvious way to disable it through the preferences.

for dir in `ls /Users`dodefaults write /path/plist filedone note: the \` is a backtick. But I'm not going to waste my time adding arrays to a file that should have been taken out back and buried along with it's application.

I know this is an old thread but Ive been looking at the different ways to disable the Adobe Reader updater and the easiest way for me was to add the "Adobe Reader and Acrobat Updater" process to Restricted Software. :) Switch the value to 10 if you're suppressing Reader X...although someone posted that it doesn't work with the earliest patch levels.

I need to select Do not download and install updates automatically for all my users. Is there a way to disable this from Contents or from other resources like Plits or from any inside script.

Regards, Sonu W When its Off, that last line is a "0", and when its On, it shows "1". Reader.plist (Tip: This file does not exist by default)3.

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In case you didn’t know, Adobe Update Manager starts itself automatically on system launch and takes over your Mac while it sorts out whatever it does that I don’t want it to do, it’s the very definition of annoying. Admin.plist in your ~/Library/Preferences/ which can be done in two different ways, through the Terminal with a defaults write command, or by manually creating the file with a text editor.

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