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Her status as one of Big Apple's most eligible bachelorettes reached a new high in late February when New York magazine profiled her for an article titled, 'Meet the 4 most desired people in New York (According to OKCUpid).' With her piercing blue eyes, a cascade of thick, jet-black hair, ruby-red lips and eye-catching tattoos decorating much of her body, Urasek has proven irresistible to scores of men searching for a soul mate - or a hookup.

I will quickly become the weirdest and craziest friend you have I believe real friends play League of Legends together in person Time for real talk. My type is: Asian guys/girls that are shorter than me, more on the fem/submissive side, incredibly open minded, and smoke 420.

Idealist, artist, free spirit, and complete right brained, abstract thinker I'm a pro dom, hypnotist, EDM DJ, and "traveling florist", ask about my beautiful flowers ;)Cannabis connoisseur, psychedelic extraordinaire, advanced lucid dreamer and astral projector, spiritual healer and chakra opener Completely nocturnal, love long walks at night with no destination. Polyamorous, pansexual, androgynous, hedonistic, and revolutionary. In a happy open relationship I cut up all my clothes, sometimes wear dude shit, and rock a trippy hat on the daily, suck it if you're not into it.if you are ;)I'm a dancer and a performer with no fine line between farce and reality.

I don't need to hear that I'm racist and close minded, I have the right to my preferences as do you. I can find friends in the real world, I'm on this website to find my specific type, not smoke pot and play League of Legends with everyone that thinks I'm the shit.

As the number of active users grew, Ternovskiy has had to rewrite the entire code to cope with the load, the management of which being the most challenging part of his project.

Despite the expansion of the service, he still codes everything on his own.

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Then a winner is chosen to host (and judge) the following round on their website. Sometimes it’s as simple as a funny sign, a wacky name of a town, a weird food or an unfortunate piece of art. The hosting blogger is the chosen winner of the previous round.

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