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Transport for London is to press ahead with plans for a Quietway cycle crossing of Borough High Street at the Union Street and Newcomen Street junction despite public consultation revealing 63 per cent opposition to the scheme.

Lambeth Council is preparing to enter formal talks with the Oasis group of charities over the potential redevelopment of the Oasis Academy Johanna primary school site in Waterloo, to include an expanded school, homes, offices and a public library.

The video clip also shows a wild party in the boys' bathroom and a teacher who appears to be sleeping on a desk.

In one scene, a pupil is seen standing on a teacher's desk with the words "Grandma is not here" appearing above his head.

According to police officials the bus camera shows the two having sexual intercourse and are stating that it was consensual.

At the time of the incident, the Noblesville school bus was also transporting other students .

Authorities in Fishers, Indiana closed a case this morning in what seems to be two students, an 8 year old girl and a 13 year old boy, having sex on a school bus.

Godfrey said he had confronted the teacher who was seemingly caught sleeping and she said she had been feeling ill and "rested her eyes during her free time".King stated in an email to Wish TV8: “What happened to the victim here was child molestation and/or rape. That a victim, especially one 8 years old, sometimes succumbs to a more powerful perpetrator, should never be regarded as consent and is not the law in Indiana.” Isn’t the whole point of having a camera, bus driver, and bus aide on the school bus at the same time as the students in order to keep things like this from happening? It consists of pictures and videos set to the 2002 song Ghetto Fabulous featured in Yizo Yizo, which aired on SABC1 over a decade ago.The show dealt with rape, violence, drug-dealing, harassment and a school on the verge of anarchy.

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