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It's very considerate and lets you easily change your voice styles to better express your feeling. My friend James, who was a script super, and I were working late in the production office when the Executive Producer was out and got bored. " - and used the little cute baby voice on it and recorded another and didn't show me. Then he dialed a random number and this sweet unsuspecting housewife said- well as you can guess it went like this: HW: "Hello? European Union and US officials have swapped information about threats involving air travel amid concern that the United States will soon broaden its ban on in-flight laptops and tablets to include planes from Europe.EU officials have been waiting for details about the threat.That means staying quiet half the time, a tough, but influential, tool for business.

The ban would dwarf in size the current one, which was put in place in March and affects about 50 flights per day from 10 cities, mostly in the Middle East.

"Deep Demon's Voice: "GIVE ME MY *^%#'N DAD, RIGHT NOW!!!! I am not sure why I lost it, & I have been having an amazing experience w/ it once more - hence - paying to UNLOCK the upgrade.

Wonder what it's like unlocked prolly even BETTER, whot? I used it almost every day & made a lot of people smile w/ my ABSOLUTELY ridiculous messages & voices.

The reason, researchers found, was that it just feels good.

So much so that Harvard psychologists discovered that individuals were willing to give up money for the opportunity to disclose information about themselves.

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