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The Oscar winner’s weight plummeted during the dying days of her third marriage to the CNN founder – far from the heady, first days of their romance when they acted like ‘a pair of lovesick teenagers’, according to Mary Williams.By the end of their marriage in 2001 after ten years together, Mary – who came to consider Turner as her father - says: ‘While Ted was his usual upbeat self, my mom was greatly diminished physically and emotionally.‘She’d lost a lot of weight from her already tiny frame. Her marriage was eating her alive.’In 1982, the multi-millionaire actress, whom Mary came to call ‘mom’, offered her a place within her home following a rape when she was barely into her teens - and a life as far removed from her childhood on the poverty-scarred streets of East Oakland, California, than she could ever dare to dream.If this is true, Marlo probably got her hands on quite a bit of money to be good with; Ted’s worth a reported .1 billion.UPDATE: On The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion Marlo denied that she ever dated Ted Turner, saying that she was friends with his wife and daughter.Kandi Burruss lit up the blog with this zinger: “Now Marlo, she says she’s always been good with money… According to the site’s source, Marlo was integral in breaking up Ted’s marriage to Jane Fonda in 2001. Diary of a Hollywood Street King website says Marlo’s sugar daddy was the daddy of ALL Atlanta Sugar Daddies: Ted “CNN Billionaire” Turner.Marlo Hampton came on the Real Housewives of Atlanta scene with an extensive record (including a felony offence for slashing a woman’s face), and rumors that she was very smart with the money she got from a former white, rich sugar daddy. 73-year-old Ted built up a huge media empire starting when he took over his father’s billboard company after his dad’s suicide when his was only 24.

In areas like the status of women, she probably was even a little stronger than me, though I was always very much in favour of people’s rights and equal treatment for women.’‘I’ve thought many times he would love to have her back.

NTI is a non-partisan organization dedicated to reducing global reliance on, and preventing the proliferation of, nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons.

He currently serves as Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Ted Turner was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on November 19, 1938.

He began working for his father's company, Turner Advertising and became president and CEO in 1963.

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